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2. Elementary » Science


Science is taught following the Minnesota State Standards.  We have adopted the Harcourt Science series for this purpose.  Science classes include research projects, hands-on experiments, and creating science fair projects.  Topics covered by each grade are listed below.

Animals, Plants, Earth's Land, Air, Water; Objects Around Sun, Investigating Water

First Grade
Plants and Animals All Around, Living Together, About Our Earth, Weather and the Seasons, Matter and Energy, Energy and Forces

Second Grade
Living Things Grow and Change, Homes for Living Things, Exploring Earth's Surface, Space and Weather, Exploring Matter, Energy in Motion

Third Grade
Plants and Animals, Plants and Animals Interact, Earth's Land, Cycles on Earth and In Space, Investigating Matter, Exploring Energy and Forces

Fourth Grade
A World of Living Things, Looking at Ecosystems, Earth's Surface, Pattern on Earth and in Space, Matter and Energy, Forces and Motion

Fifth Grade
Processes of Living Things, Systems and Interactions in Nature, Processes that Change the Earth, The Solar System and Beyond, Building Blocks of Matter, Energy and Motion