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4. High School » English


English 9

English 9 is a course designed to provide a natural transition from the language and literature learned in middle school to a more diverse language and literature experience at the high school level.  In this course, students will continue to develop the understanding and application of various story elements.  In order to prepare for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) in Writing, emphasis will be placed on grammar, sentence structure, syntax, and paragraph and essay development. 

English 10

English 10 is a course designed to provide students with the experience of further developing the understanding and application, as well as the analysis, of various story elements in literature.  In English 10, writing responses to literature will take place and students will continue to develop their skills in reading and writing.  In order to prepare for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) in Reading, emphasis will be placed on how to read various types of text, how to respond to various types of text, understanding story elements, and reading comprehension and analysis.


Composition focuses on several aspects of writing, all encompassing the writing process.  In this course, students will review the writing process and learn how to write for a variety of purposes.  Students will learn and apply the different forms of writing, including, but not limited to the following: narrative, expository, persuasive, and creative writing, along with responses to literature.  Emphasis will also be placed on the traits of writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions), as well as understanding how to conduct peer reviews.  As a final project, which will be worked on throughout the semester, students will develop a writing portfolio that incorporates all of the work they have done during the semester.

American Literature

In American Literature, students will read, discuss and analyze literature from the beginning of the formation of our country to present day.  Students will continue to develop critical inquiry, reading and writing skills through analysis of major movements in American literature.  In doing so, students will take in consideration the role of American history and society in the creation of fiction and non-fiction texts and compare the work of various authors in each unit.

English in the Community

English in the Community will provide students an opportunity to improve and apply the skills necessary for achieving a satisfying life now and as an adult after high school.  In this course, students will practice their reading and writing skills using the internet, newspaper and other resources used in daily life with the goal of reading and writing in the community independently.