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4. High School » Art


Two Dimensional Art

Students will effectively analyze a work of art according to pre-established criteria and be able to make a personal statement as to its effectiveness in portraying a thought or feeling. For each media or art form investigated, the student will demonstrate how the social, historical, or cultural context determines the form and the function of the work of art.  Students will also explore a variety of art forms form several different cultures, identifying the relationship of the art form to its function within the specific cultural context.  Finally, students will create a series of art work, which follow a specific theme, a cultural tradition, or a developed craft skill.

Media Arts / Art Interpretation   

In this course, students will demonstrate knowledge of at least 4 different photography genre. Using established criteria (the elements and principles of photographic composition), students will interpret and evaluate their own media productions and explain the connection between the work of art and its social, cultural or historical context.  Students will complete a series of photographs in representation of a historical period, a cultural style, or having a designated function; then will mount or mat these photos meeting the identified aesthetics of the particular genre. Following this, students will write a short description of how the photo was produced and how the photos are representative of a specific social, cultural or historical context.