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PSEO Program

Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

All students must have a meeting with their High School Principal and Mainstream Coordinator before signing up for PSEO.

What is PSEO?

  • The PSEO program is for highly motivated high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to take courses at a postsecondary institution for high school and college credit.
  • PSEO is offered at a large number of Minnesota public and private colleges.
  • The program provides students with a greater variety of class offerings and challenging college-level coursework.
  • Tuition, fees, and required textbooks are at no cost to the students.

 Who qualifies for PSEO?

  • Sophomores with pre- approval
  • Juniors in the top 33% of their class
  • Seniors in the top 33% of their class

 What Colleges can I attend?

  • University of Minnesota and its branches
  • All State Universities (MNSCU)
  • Community colleges and Technical colleges
  • Minnesota Private two or four year colleges

 Minnesota State Academies partners with South Central College to provide on-site classes for our students.

What kind of courses can I take?

  • When selecting courses, students should be attentive to fulfilling the subject areas required for high school graduation.
  • Students may also choose any elective courses they desire
  • Credits received at a post-secondary institutions are on the student’s record and count as courses completed at that institution and at Minnesota State Academies.
  • If students withdraw from a course, they must let the post-secondary institution and the high school know immediately. PSEO students are subject to the same procedures and/or penalties as any other high school student when withdrawing from or failing a course.

 Credit Conversion

  • 4 College Credits =1 MSA High School Credit
  • 3 College Credits = .05 MSA High School Credit
  • 2 College Credits = .05 MSA High School Credit

 Things to consider....

  • Students may enroll in PSEO part-time or full-time
  • Students are expected to be responsible and independent learners.
  • Success in the PSEO program is not guaranteed because a student has been successful in high school.
  • College level classes can provide a great opportunity for the right student, however, this can be a struggle for those who are not fully prepared for the rigorous coursework.
  • Students must be on track for graduation at the State Academies.
  • Students must be able to advocate for their educational needs and work with Disability Services at the college of choice.
  • Student’s responsibility to arrange transportation/lodging during the days MSA is not in session and college classes are in session.
  • Grades earned through the PSEO program are permanent on your college and high school transcripts.
  • It is the student's responsibility to research how the PSEO credits will transfer between post-secondary institutions.