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Athletics Program

Video Transcript: Hello, I’m Lee Jones,as the Athletic Director here at the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf. I want to explain what athletic programs our school has to offer. We have just started our elementary sports program because the number of students is growing rapidly. We provide a variety of sports such as volleyball, basketball, flag football, and much more. We have brought back the middle school sports program! We are working on setting up a basketball team for 6th-8th grade girls/boys.

For our high school athletic program, which includes 7th-12th grade we have fall, winter, and spring sports. In the fall, we have girls volleyball and boys football. In the winter, we have girls/boys basketball and cheerleading. In the spring, we have girls/boys track and field. MSAD is not limited to just those sports, students that are interested can participate in Co-Op sports are nearby schools. The CO-OP athletic programs allows students to participate hockey, cross country, swimming, diving, wrestling, and many more! I hope that you all consider and get involved to our Trojans program!

Another thing to note, one of the strengths of our athletic program is that we are considered a Division II school.That means that we are a small deaf school but compete against both larger schools and other deaf schools around the country. Our program is always involved at our conference tournament and the Great Plains School for the Deaf (GPSD) tournament. In those tournaments, we usually we’re placed in the top standing. We also join many national level tournaments such as Clerc Classic Basketball, Spikeout Volleyball, and Berg and Seeger Track and Field. Those tournaments benefit our students by allowing them to meet other peers from other schools, it is a great opportunity for our students. We also won American Deaf Cup for the past four years in the row. The American Deaf Cup is for deaf schools around the United States that are recognized by their achievement in all sports programs.. This achievement reflects our top-notch sports program.

We love to interact with our players, coaches, and fans through direct communication by using American Sign Language, ASL. This direct communication is paramount to our students success, instead of relying on the use of an interpreter. The MSAD Athletic Program is a great program for you! I hope you consider joining our program!

Hello, my name is Christian Deaton and I am Assistant Athletic Director at MSAD, I mainly focus elementary athletic programs. MSAD has fall, winter and spring elementary sports for our students, such as volleyball, basketball, flag football, kickball, and many more. Our program is successful with our direct communications between coaches and the players.

We provide proper teaching by coaching the fundamentals of the game, so that students can prepare to enter the next level of sports. We also provide CO-OP sports such as wrestling, track and field, and many more. I also want to tell you that our number of elementary students is growing quickly. I believe our athletic program is great for the deaf elementary student!