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a teacher leading two young students through a crowd of MSA staff welcoming them to school


We're excited you are considering Minnesota State Academies for the Deaf and the Blind as an educational option for your child. All enrollments are done through the IEP process (Individualized Education Program), and requires involvement of your child's home school district.  Give us a call at 507-384-6649 or email, and we'll go through the steps with you. 

How It Works:

The family or school district reaches out to us for more information.  A tour/visit is set up with the family (and/or a school district representative), and we answer any questions the family or school district may have.  Then an IEP meeting is set up by the home school district to consider placement at MSAD or MSAB.  

For more information on MN state statutes regarding enrollment, please click on this link: 125A.68 State Adopted Procedures

And for more information on Parental Rights for Special Education: Procedural Safeguards - Minnesota Department of Education