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Pre-Kindergarten: 4-5 Years Olds


Our Pre-Kindergarten students stay a full day in the classroom.  The Pre-Kindergarten class follows the same routine as the preschool with a daily calendar, morning thematic centers focusing on the whole child as well as gross motor time, circle activities, and art.  With older children, you will see more time where they are playing together expanding on their play with imaginative toys and make-believe. Their art will begin to resemble favorite items such as people, cars, and houses.  They take pride in writing their names on their work or writing letters and familiar words. They develop turn-taking strategies not only with toys but with conversational skills. They work collaboratively to build gigantic structures to play with. 

The afternoon block of time includes a second block of free time where all of the Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students play together. This also allows for children who have language delays to interact with younger children who may be more at their language level.  The younger children look up to the older children in the classroom as they are role models for the next stages of their development. 

The Pre-Kindergarten class, throughout the center and circle activities, specifically target academic readiness skills including but not limited to: 

  • Letter recognition

  • Beginning to read sight words

  • Writing uppercase and lowercase letters as well as our names and other favorite words

  • Cutting skills

  • Recognizing shapes

  • Counting

  • Categorization

  • Sequencing