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Summer Transition Program


"Game of Life" 

2023 Summer Transition Program
for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind High School Students (9th/10th grade and above, including students who haven't graduated such as transition program).

The program will be geared to 9th and 10th grade by emphasizing on learning community transition resources, explore careers, and developing relationship skills. ESY students and non-ESY students are welcome!

Program date:

  • June 20-30, 2023 (weekends included)
  • In person at Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf - 615 Olof Hanson Drive, Faribault, MN 55021

Applications, Flyer, and Resources: 

For more information, email:

Typical Schedule:

  • 8 AM-9 AM: Wake up, breakfast, well-being activity

  • 9 AM-11 AM: Work and exploration (workshops, resume building, career exploration)

  • 11 AM-1 PM: Prepare/cook food, eat lunch, clean up

  • 1 PM-3 PM: Tours/Job Site visits/Field trips

  • 3 PM-5 PM: Activities related to independency (shopping skills, time management, health)

  • 5 PM-7 PM: Prepare/cook food, eat dinner, clean up

  • 7 PM-9 PM: Evening activities (bowling, gym, movies, game night)

  • 9 PM-10 PM: Wind down, lights out

    Weekend: Special Olympic Village, Volunteering, Lake Marion, Food Shopping, Laundry


The Pathways to Life Program provides experiences to address the transition needs of students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or DeafBlind. The Pathways to Life program complements each student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) at their local school by providing individualized opportunities in transition areas identified in their program. These unique transition activities give each student the opportunity to increase independence in their school, home, community and work environments. Examples of support include: interpreting, amplification devices, small class size, and C-Print transcription.


Pathways to Life is a residential program where students will:

  • Practice independent living skills through supervised apartment living
  • Explore potential careers through job site visits
  • Discover community resources designed to meet employment, recreation and leisure needs
  • Explore post-secondary training opportunities
  • Address unique social and emotional issues
  • Access disability-specific assistive technology
  • Practice work readiness skills through volunteer opportunities



Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing or DeafBlind are eligible for Pathways to Life if they:

  • Are in 9th/10th and above grade level. 
  • Plan to attend post-secondary education or enter competitive employment upon graduation
  • Plan to live independently


  • Job exploration counseling
  • Work-based learning experiences
  • Career options for post-secondary education
  • Workplace readiness training
  • Self-advocacy instruction


For ESY Students: School districts will be responsible for funding services covered by student IEPs.  Students only need to bring spending money. 

  • Have Extended School Year Services indicated on their IEP (including a phrase that states the student will receive summer transition services, room and board). 

For Non-ESY students: Total room, board, and tuition is $1,800.  Check with a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor for possible financial support. Students need to bring spending money.


Pathways to Life is made possible through collaboration with the following partners:

  • Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf
  • Minnesota teachers and staff working with students who are D/HH.
  • Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing (MNCDHH)
  • Minnesota Department of Education, Division of Special Education
  • Minnesota State Services for the Blind
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR)