Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf

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Language Arts

The curriculum used in our K-5th grade classes is McGraw-Hill Wonders Curriculum, aligned to the Minnesota State Standards, this curriculum provides intentional instruction, inspiring content and purposeful use of technology. Instruction within the elementary focuses on building proficiency in listening, reading, writing and American Sign Language (ASL). 

Through incorporating high-interest literary and informational texts that range in genres, eras and cultures, students are exposed to vocabulary and instruction that builds fluency and critical thinking skills. 

Vocabulary expansion is an important part of our instruction. From high frequency and multi-meaning words to more robust vocabulary, our elementary students learn to analyze and apply vocabulary comprehension to their reading. From our younger readers identifying descriptive words to our older students studies prefixes and suffixes to determine new word meaning, our program is packed full with expanding vocabularies.  Comprehension is taught to all ages and as students became more independent, they are taught self-monitoring skills and strategies to increase their comprehension. Direct instruction targeting focus skills is taught including: prediction, main idea, sequence, summarization, fact/opinion, author's purpose, theme, compare/contrast, and cause/effect. Students utilize many learning methods including graphic organizers to visually bring these topics clarity.