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4. High School » Physical Education

Physical Education


Health focuses on the relationship that exists among physical, mental, and social health. Students learn that their decisions affect all of these areas of health. They discover that the decisions they make can promote their health and their enjoyment of life now and in the future. Healthy decisions not only help prevent disease but also help students feel good physically and enable them to energetically do those tasks they choose. Healthy decisions help students feel good about themselves, feel comfortable with others, and cope with the challenges of life. Healthy decisions help students choose and build positive relationships. Students are provided many opportunities to apply their understanding of health knowledge. By incorporating decision-making skills, they learn and practice ways to make healthy choices. They learn how taking responsibility for their own health has positive effects not only for themselves but also for others around them.

Modified Physical Education

Modified Physical Education is designed as a slower paced activity class for students who have some sort of physical problem that does not allow them to participate in the faster paced regular PE classes. More attention is given to individual exercise prescription and less attention to sports activities.

Basic Modifications to a Physical Education Lesson

  1. Use a foam ball instead of a regular ball.
  2. Simplify explanation of rules and objectives.
  3. Demonstrate expectations.
  4. Set up routines whenever possible. For example, have a daily warm up routine.
  5. Extra time is given.
  6. Create a reward system. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool. Rewards can be different for every student.