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Is there a fee for staying in the dorm?
No, the dorm is free of cost to families and residential districts. 
Who will watch my child at night?
Each dorm floor has a number of staff on hand during after school/evening hours. After students go to bed, there is one staff on each floor that is required to stay awake throughout the night and makes checks around the building. There is always a staff member on hand to assist if needed. 
What does my child need to bring to the dorm?
Families are asked to provide sheets, blankets and towels. Many of our students pack enough clothes for 6 days - including personal care materials. Students are encouraged to bring anything from home to make their room feel like home such as family pictures, posters, etc. The dorm is equipped with a washer and dryer for any needs during the week. 
How can my child communicate with me while at the dorm?
Each of our dorms is equipped with video phones for students to use. A student can call home at any time as well as correspond via their own personal phone with their families. 
Can my child bring their own snacks to the dorm?
Students can store their own food/snacks in the dorm kitchens. Students are encouraged to practice independent living and cook, prepare snacks if they wish. The afterschool program as a concession store (Trojan Store) open each day that students may purchase snacks from if they wish. Parents are responsible for depositing money in their student accounts for students to withdrawal money from. 
Can my child bring their own personal technology devices to the dorm?
Students may bring their own tablets, iPads, laptops or cell phones. While on campus they must follow the student handbook regarding acceptable usage. 
Will my child develop responsibilities in the dorm?
Each student is responsible for a floor chore to complete each day. Depending on age level of student and the floor they reside on, students have a daily schedule that is comprised of free time, structured activities, educational center, and dinner. MSAD follows a Residential Curriculum to provide age appropriate activities and real-world experience for students to learn how to navigate the world and develop independent living skills.