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Student Life Program

Our residential program is an important component of the overall education and development of each child. Our goal is to provide a supportive, home-like atmosphere as well as a place to learn and grow.  We also support students in preparing for independent living by providing experiences which will challenge students and offer direction towards academic and life skills training within the areas of: home living skills, self-care, social skills and the development of appropriate leisure time and/or recreational activities.  Our campus has a Student Life Director and an Assistant Student Life Director to maintain supervision of the students during evening/night hours. 

Residential Program Goals

  • Demonstrate respect towards staff, peers, and self. 
  • Demonstrate management of personal health, safety, hygiene, clothing selection, and care. 
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive personal relationships and perform civic responsibilities. 
  • Learn home care and maintenance. 
  • Learn life skills related to time management, leisure and recreational activities. 
  • Use problem solving techniques appropriate for group living and social interaction in the community. 
  • Exhibit a positive self-identity. 
  • Resolve conflicts in a mature manner. 
  • Participate in social activities. 
  • Accept responsibility for own actions. 

Our Facilities

Our campus has dormitories that provide each student with a room and furniture. Common lounges, computer/study rooms, laundry facilities, and recreational areas are also available in each dorm.  Transition-aged students who meet the required criteria also are given the opportunity to experience independent living in our apartments. 

After-School Program

MSA offers a wide variety of after-school programs and activities to support social emotional learning, as well as fun educational experiences. In addition to sports and academic competitions, our students have the opportunity to participate in leadership organizations, clubs, and other co-curricular activities.

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