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Parent Sign Language Classes

The general purpose of these classes is to promote sign language communication between family members. All classes are FREE.

Classes are held once a week during the school year, on Tuesdays from 6:00 - 7:00pm via Zoom starting October 5. 

Zoom link: Zoom link will be emailed to the parents/families who expressed interest in taking the American Sign Language class. 

More ASL Resources - 


(NOTE: Clicking on the below links will take you to external websites. For any accessibility issues, please contact the external organization.)

ASL University
http:// features video clip dictionary, dictionary with line drawings, ASL font download, and more!

Signing Savvy - Signing Savvy contains several thousand high resolution videos of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs used within the United States and Canada.

Handspeak: Sign Language Online - Handspeak has American Sign Language (ASL) online dictionary, ASL grammar, fingerspelling, and others: Baby Talk, International Sign Language, gesture, ASL storytelling and art and features include ASL word of the day and phrase of the week

How You Sign - Links to online sign language dictionaries for general use, as well as STEM resources.

SignwithMe - Online dictionary for first signs.

Math Sign Language Dictionary - The Texas School for the Deaf has an extensive sign language dictionary with ASL and SEE signs which can be located by searches in either English or Spanish.

ASL That! - This is a vlog series that discusses and presents a variety of concepts in ASL. Google “ASL That!” and you’ll find them! (Facebook Community -

ASL Nook - ASL Nook provides instruction in a variety of signs - alphabet, colors, emotions, animals, etc - presented in ASL by a Deaf people.

ASL Preschool - Home, school, and community signs in a child friendly format, created by Ohio School for the Deaf

1001 Books in ASL - Tons of children’s books presented in American Sign Language, Signed English, and gesture.

Peter’s Picture: An Educational Video Series in American Sign Language (ASL) - Early childhood website developed for children ages 3-6 particularly for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children to learn ASL and written English through ASL. Includes viewing strategies, lesson plans, research and references.

The Daily Moth - News for the Deaf Community presented in ASL with open captions.

iDeaf News - National, International, and Deaf Community news and editorials presented in ASL with English voice-over.

VL2 Story Book Apps - Interactive and bilingual (ASL, English) story books for children

Pointy Three - An original story about diversity and friendship told in ASL.