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Parent Sign Language Classes

The general purpose of these classes is to promote sign language communication between family members. All classes are FREE.

Classes are held once a week during the school year, on Tuesdays from 6:00 - 7:00pm via Zoom. 

Zoom link: Zoom link will be emailed to the parents/families who expressed interest in taking the American Sign Language class. 

More ASL Resources - 


(NOTE: Clicking on the below links will take you to external websites. For any accessibility issues, please contact the external organization.)


  • ASLized - Comprehensive online resource offering American Sign Language learning materials, videos, and information to promote deaf culture and ASL education. 
  • Hands Speak - An informative website dedicated to providing resources, lesson, and insights into American Sign Language and deaf culture.
  • ASL University - An online educational platform offering comprehensive resources and courses for learning American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
  • Signing Savvy - An online sign language resources providing a comprehensive dictionary and learning platform for American Sign Language learners. 
  • Start ASL - A website offering beginner to advanced American Sign Language courses and resources for learning sign language.
  • The ASL App - Mobile App that provides video lessons and resources for learning American Sign Language on the go. 
  • ASL Connect - An online platform that offers a variety of resources and courses for learning American Sign Language and Deaf culture.
  • The ASL Shop - An online store that offers a wide range of products related to American Sign Language and Deaf culture.